DORADUS FUTBOL CLUB [Formerly Barca Futebol Clube - NOT AFFILATED WITH FC BARCELONA, SPAIN], Operates under the Clubs of America Inc.  As a Non-Profit Charitable organization in the United States.

The DORADUS FUTBOL CLUB (formerly TAP, TASC, BARCA FC) philosophy, founded in 1997, has produced top quality soccer players for the Collegiate, US Youth National teams system, and professional teams in the US and around the world. Operating in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC, DORADUS FUTBOL CLUB focuses on talent identification and youth player development.

This unique soccer club brings elite and premier level soccer to many talented youth soccer players.   DORADUS FUTBOL CLUB provides soccer development on a year round basis. New and innovative training methods are constantly being introduced to the players. Players are exposed to early skill development with careful attention being paid to the individual technical skills as well as tactical skills. Teams are encouraged to play at the highest levels of competition in the region and the nation.   DORADUS (Nickname:  SDOR) provides other developmental programs that introduce international coaches from Europe and South America as part of player development. Players are mentored and receive training as part of the DORADUS FC soccer continuing education system and our teams often attend international tours to Europe and South America.








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