RCD CAMP Information




Check-in & Registration:

1) Monday July 16th Check-in & Registration (8:15 am).

a) Pre-registered players will check-in at the registration tent and receive their official RCD camp T-shirt.

b) Walk-up registrations will also check-in at the tent.  Walk-up registrations will receive a T-Shirt the next 1-2 days, after GIS ships late registration equipment to the camp site.  Walk-up register players, please walk with your own white Jersey for Monday training.

Training Sessions:

1) Field sessions start promptly 9:00 am.

a) Players should arrive at 8:30 am dressed and ready for warm-up.

b) Field activities 9:00 am – 12:00 noon.  Lunch 12:00 noon – 1:00 pm    Field activities 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm.  Match Analysis, Tactical Discussions, Video Review 3:00 – 3:55 pm.  Pickup 4:00 pm.

Uniform & equipment:

1) Camp Uniform Code (  RCD Camp T-Shirt, White Shorts, White Socks, Shin Guards )

a) RCD Camp T-Shirt provide to each registered player on Monday.

b) All players must were their “Own”  White shorts, White socks and Shin Guards (required)

2) Each player must walk with a Soccer Ball, water bottle, soccer cleats and indoor/turf shoes. (Soccer cleats required)

3) Goal keeper must walk with all Keeper gear, keeping in mind the temperature.

4) Players should walk with Sunscreen and/or sunblock lotion if needed.

5) Water coolers will be provided by the Camp.  Player should walk with a water bottle.  Limited cups will be available.


1) All player must walk with a lunch pack.

2) Players are not allowed to leave the camp site with “Parents, friend or family members” at lunch break. Note:  Players who violate this rule could be removed from the camp.

3) All players must each lunch with the camp members in the designated area.  Players are not allowed to move offsite to the parking lot or other areas.

4) No food, drinks, water bottles, or water containers are allowed on the Stadium Turf Field.

Camp Administration:

1) On-site Camp Director:

     a) Brian Robertson (Coach Roby)

     b) 571-723-3112 or 723-927-8863 (CoachRoby@doradus.club )

2)  On-site Camp Administrator:

      a)  Mrs. Yanci Rosales

      b)  703-868-3204  ( yanci.rosales@gmail.com

3)  Inclement Weather:

      a)  Contact the Camp Administrator or Camp Director.

      b)  Check the Camp Website updates.

      c)  Check Doradus twitter at twitter.com/doradusfc


Thank you,

Doradus FC

GIS RCD Espanyol ID Camp Host: